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Great fragrance! Top Seller for Me!

I've made many many batches of soap with this fragrance. It is one of my top 3 sellers consistently, year-round - I gave my soap a non-holiday name. It does discolor the soap a bit, mine has a yellow-orange tint. While I've never had problems with acceleration with this fragrance, I do have some issues with soap cracking at higher temperatures with it, so I have to watch that. I always hear the comment of how good this makes the bathroom smell!

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Any time of year

I Love this scent. For me it is not necessarily a traditional Christmas scent, I use it all year long. I renamed my soap Winter Pear, for some reason that is what I smell and it sold better that way because a lot of my sales are online and they can't smell it in person, I found that most of the people I sell to don't want a scent that is limited to Christmas. This is a perfect fresh winter smell that you can use long after Christmas has come and gone !!

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Christmas in a bottle

This was the perfect Christmas scent. Every time I walked into the bathroom I was amazed how good it smelled. No need for a room spray or a scented candle because this soap made the room smell so good. Will definitely make this again next year.

A Lovely Scent

I had this fragrance for a while before I decided to use it. So some of the sweet notes wore off. But the spruce scent is lovely. I mixed it with sweet orange and the scent came out very nice. I used it in goat's milk melt and pour and it did turn out slightly yellowish. But that could also have been the orange I used. Very nice fragrance for Christmas if you want something outdoorsy without being too piney.

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Too sweet

Based on reviews and description, I was expecting more of a 50/50 blend of sugar and spruce, but to my nose, the sweet is overpowering. Very festive, but not what I was expecting. If I had time before I needed to get my products out, I would grab one of your woodsier scents and mellow out the sweet. Love your products, but this one wasn't what I was going for.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi June! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. Instead of a straight pine scent, it's a nice blend of sugar and spruce. Also, we choose all our fragrances based on how they smell after 4-6 weeks of curing in cold process soap, as they do smell different out of the bottle. If you're looking for woodsy holiday scents, you may like Woodland Elves Fragrance Oil or Christmas Forest Fragrance Oil.