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I'm a magnet to this smell!!!!!!

I love this! I am surprised I love it so. It smells like a fresh shave at first, then turns a tiny bit sweet. Because of this, I think it's gender friendly. My husband likes this also and he's PICKY! I can't wait to make soap and beard oil out of this! Will be ordering this again. Thanks, Brambleberry!

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Behaves Well in CP

I had no discoloration or acceleration of trace at all. Fragrance doesn't fade and smells of classic clean-cut man.

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Amazing Fragrance

I use this in one of my beer soaps and for special orders. PEOPLE LOVE THIS, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN! Smells fresh and crisp. The only downside is that it moves a bit quick in CP soap. I soap cooler than usual for me and use a whisk instead of a stickblender; those two things make this a pleasure to work with.

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Love the smell, but accelerated CP fast

So far, I love the smell. I will unfold in a day or 2 and hope it keeps the scent. However, wow did it accelerate. I soaped at my normal temp...just below 120 with a slow moving recipe. I was using the vertical mold and barely got it in the mold in time.

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Shave and a Haircut

Just needed to add to my original message. This was just used this past week in Perfume Balms that I had made. They turned out extremely well. A perfume balm that my husband loved and those that tried it in the barber shop. By working with site some of your site suggestions I have made also: Red, Eternity and Honeysuckle Perfume Balms. This fragrance is wonderful. I used 4 oz. in a 5 lb. batch of CP soap and it has gone over extremely well. Of course, I added a little twist of my own in the mix and the suds and lather are great. I work at Floyd's Barber Shop in downtown Mayberry, NC and I use Clubman products in the barber shop and with this Shave and a Haircut soap for shaving, the smell is outstanding for my personal use on clients. It fills the shop with that "Old Barber Shop" smell of days gone by.The best compliment for the shop is people walking in or passing by the door and expressing how great it smells in the shop. Thanks for this product. I love it