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Fresh & sexy!

I can certainly see why this is a top seller & a favorite among men! Heck, I even love it, so I really see this appealing to ladies as well! It's just such a fresh, clean scent! I've purchased other "Barber Shoppe" type fragrances from other suppliers, but they all tend to smell like knock-offs of Barbasol shaving cream to me. Not this one! It still has that freshly shaven smell, but is in a class of it's own! Used this in a shaving soap with a bit of bentonite clay, & already my husband has snuck off with a bar before full cure! I keep telling him it's not gonna last as long, or be as bubbly or mild than if he'd just be PATIENT, but he doesn't care! He loves the scent, and I love it on him! Each morning before he kisses me goodbye to leave for work, I'm left with that wonderful lingering aroma! If you haven't purchased this FO yet, I highly recommended! It's bottled seduction!

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Shave and a Haircut

Best seller for men. Can't keep it in stock. Men love it!

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Love this scent! Just used for a loaf of CP and it performed beautifully. I can't stop smelling it!

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Fabulous Scent!

This is by far my favorite men's FO. It acted well in cp soap and my curing room smell fabulous.

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I think this should be called "Attack Your Man" fragrance! LOL! It is definitely going to be in my fragrance lineup for cold process from now on!