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I love these jars!

I recently ordered these jars for sugar scrubs. They looked so professional. Included them in a wedding gift basket. Will defiantely order these again!

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Great Jars

These have become my favorite decorative jars. They seal perfectly, and while, as some have mentioned, they may be initially a little tight on opening, while working with them I haven't had any problems. You can dress them up with labels, raffia, ribbon, material strips, and any number of things, and they photograph great, especially in natural light. I like the wide mouth ones for easy access, myself. Looking forward to purchasing more.

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Best Price around.

Not only are the jars great, but this is the best price I have found, even in wholesale. The jars offer all the style and sturdiness of their glass counter parts, while offering a shower safe alternative for your bath products. Absolutely a packaging that I'm excited to offer my customers (of my toiletry products).

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These jars are wonderful!!!! I really love them for my sugar scrubs. One question I do have how would you seal these jars for when you sell them? Thank you.

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Sturdy, nice looking packaging!

I got these, as well as the 4oz plastic bail jars, and they are great. They're sturdy, and have a bit of weight to them (much like the real glass jars), but they also have a little "give" to them as well. I've already dropped 3 of them (me an my butterfingers, D'OH) and there's not a scratch, dent, or chip on them. They also look so nice that they look exactly like the glass jars. It's not until you touch it (and almost not even then) that you realize it's plastic. I can't wait to get my Butter Cream and Snickerdoodle sugar scrub into these bad boys!