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Love it!

I bought 3 and love them all! So easy to unmold! Thank you!

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Silicon mold

The best column mold. No leaks, easy to remove. Would like to buy in 2" diameter also. Is this possible.

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This is amazing

I like this mold. Other than the dimpling on the outside of my soap in a couple places, it worked perfectly. No leaks, no huge seams, literally no problems even with tapping it on the table to release air. Perfect!~

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Works Perfectly with clamps

I don't make a lot of round soaps but this little mold works perfectly. You MUST clamp the sides. I use 3 large binder clips on each side and have zero leaks. Soap unmolds beautifully.

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Worked like a charm

It's great not needing to line a cylinder mold or push out the soap like most other cylinder molds! I had read the suggestion to clip the mold. The clips made it wide enough to use a bucket to stabilize it upright, plus the bucket would contain any leaking (but there was none). The result was nice round soaps (though you can see the two seams). I had no trouble unmolding at ~24h, even though I did not use any hardener such as sodium lactate. I did not insulate or gel my soap. Also, because only the top side of the top soap has contact with air, there was less soda ash than usual for my soaps. I found it challenging to keep the soap cylinder loaf stabilized when cutting it; so a multi-bar cutter would help a lot. This size soap fits a 2-part soap box made from two sheets of 6"x6" paper.