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Liners are bowing badly after minimal use

I purchased a 5 pack of these silicone liners. I’ve used them maybe 10-12 times each and now they are bowing so badly and completely ruining my soaps. I end up with about 5-7 bars that are deformed and can’t be sold. I’ve tried using clips but then it makes poring the soap even messier. I am beyond disappointed considering I also wasted money on wooden molds to hold these liners. Wasted money for a sub-par product. Inexcusable!!!!!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We redesigned the liners to thicker walls and stand sturdier so they should not be bowing like that when used with the 5 Pound Mold With Sliding Bottom. Though if they are used without the wooden mold to help keep their sides straight this can stretch them out and cause bowing issues down the line.

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Silicone Liner for 5 lb Wood Mold

I bought 5 of these last year and now 2 of them are bowing in the center. The soap won't even push it out so I ruin at least 4-6 bars of soap with each batch.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Silicone tends to wear out over time and after a year of use may not perform as well as it originally did. You may prefer to line your molds with freezer paper, to find how to make this easier check out our How to Line Any Mold blog post.

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Andrew Keen
terrible product

poorly made please bring back the old ones. Having problems with it folding in the middle and bubbling up on the bottom

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We redesigned the liners to thicker walls and stand sturdier so they should not be folding in the middle or bubbling.

Verified Purchase

I had bought two of these a few months ago and they were working perfect so I decided to buy the 5 pack. About a week after I ordered the 5 pack I noticed they were bowing and ruining the shapes of my soaps. I use it with the wood mold that it is designed to fit in so I know its not that. I now have 4 out of 7 liners that I cant use because no matter what I do it bends and the weight of the soap isnt enough to fix it. Im really disappointed in these.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our newer design of the liners are thicker to keep them from flopping into the soap so they also should not be bowing in the center.

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wanted to give them a chance

It hurts my heart to write a not-so-good review here. So, lets start out with what is good about this liner: It fits well into the 5 pound wooden mold. It is sturdy. But it significantly changes the shape of my soaps to the point that my current packaging isn't going to work. I've made 2 batches with them so far (giving them a chance). Comparing batches made with freezer paper, in the same wooden mold are significant. My soaps come out square instead of rectangular. I would like to return them if I can because this would disrupt my production too much and I bought them in the hope it would help me streamline production more. If you're not married to the standard size in your packaging, the size/shape wouldn't be a problem. If you are going to use these molds exclusively, probably not a problem. But for me I use the 10" Brambleberry silicon molds for smaller, test batches, and these silicon liners are not compatible with that. I will go back to freezer paper to keep my production and packaging consistent.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Because the new liners were designed to be thicker and sturdier they do change the shape of the soap. If you're wanting your soap to be as close to the original shape as possible you can definitely line your mold with freezer paper instead. For help making that easier check out our How to Line Any Mold blog post.