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I was hesitant about buying this beveler after reading some reviews stating it takes too much soap off the bar . But after receiving it and trying it out I think it does take more soap off, but it makes the bar look professional & fabulous! Great buy!

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Needed in Soap Arsenal

I bought this beveller several months ago and finally decided to use it. Oh my, it is wonderful! It gives my soaps lovely beveled edges. It doesn't take off too much off my soaps. I would consider weighing soaps after they've been bevelved for weight accuracy on your labels. Despite my initial reservations about the necessity for this soaping tool, I'm glad I took the plunge and bought it.

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am I using this wrong?

I want a small amount taken off at the corners, but it’s gouging out a huge amount. Did I get a bad one? Seems like the wire is too far out of the corner of the beveler and takes off way too much. Anyone else having this problem?

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Beautiful Look

This beveler creates a deep bevel that makes the bars look beautiful and professional. On my bars, the beveler takes off .35 oz (beveling 8 sides). While this is certainly more than other bevelers take off, to me, the look justifies the extra loss. I save all the beveling scraps and make confetti soap that I donate to local homeless and womens shelters, so nothing goes to waste

Verified Purchase
After a long search - we've landed on this one.

We bought this a year ago and initially my complaint was the same as everyone's. It takes off too much soap. I was horrified the first time i ran some soaps through this thing, and as I had been beveling all 12 sides of a bar, it cut the soap into a pretty weird shape. Since then I've both 5 other bevelers, and after trying them all, i've realized this one is my favorite. It makes the prettiest results hands down. I think it's worth making the bars a little oversized and counting on a little extra waste in order to get such a gorgeous bevel. We only cut the 8 sides front and back now, and leave the short sides or 'corners' alone and they look so sharp compared to any other beveler we've tried. We save all the trimmings and rebatch them. I would love this thing if the redesigned it to be able to adjust the bevel. I think it would be perfect if the bevel were just a tiny bit smaller, but compared to all the smaller bevelers we've tried, this one is the clear winner.