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The first one was awful, the second one is fantastic!

I am very sad to report that (for me) this was a huge waste of money. I got this in the mail today and immediately tried it out on my bars. I tried it out on cubes, loaf bars, half rounds and square bars and every single time it tore the corners off my soap. I thought it might just be me so I had 3 different friends try it out and every time it tore the corners. I tried it on hard bars that had cured for months and new bars that had only been curing a few day and everything in between. I tried it on soaps made from different recipes thinking it might be some specific ingredient causing them to tear, but no. Every single bar was torn at the corners. I should have stuck with my vegetable peeler. This is completely unusable. Looks like another lackluster tool to be shoved in the soap room closet... :( Update: Brambleberry contacted me and sent me a new beveler very quickly. The new one worked like a charm and I love the way it makes my soaps look. Thanks for the awesome support BB!

Professional Looking Bars!

My beveller works beautifully thank you. For me it does the best job on soap that has been curing for 2-4 weeks. Fresh soap is a bit gooey and gets stuck, and fully cured soap is too hard and breaks. (This would vary according to recipe of course). My bevelled soaps are very professional looking. The only improvement I would suggest - and I'm not sure if it can be done - is to have some way of adjusting the depth of the bevel. Personally I would prefer a slightly shallower bevel, but obviously everyone has their own tastes. The product itself is well made, strong and works very well. Thank you :)

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just doesn't work well

I have held off on ordered a beveller, but opted for this one because of its price and because I am usually very happy with my Bramble Berry purchases. This beveller just doesn't seem to work. I have tried beveling soap from hours old to 6 weeks old and everything in between. I have changed the wire tension from slack to nearly snapping it is so tight. I thought my recipe may be too soft so I made a much harder recipe and added sodium lactate. No mater what I do, I get the same result. The soap gets clogged in the wire and smears across the surface of the unit. I have successfully bevelled my soap on other units belonging to friends, so I don't think it is me or my recipe.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Ross! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product. We love the professional soap our Soap Beveller/Shaver creates, as seen in our 5 Tips to Create Professional Looking Soap blog post. I will email you directly to resolve this issue.

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Not helpful

I've bought , this tool, a d I tried it first when I got it didn't work for me, there is no instructions, so I'm not sure if I'm using it wrong or is just useless. I don't see how can I shave my soaps with it. I haven't used it again.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
HI Carmen! I'm sorry you don't find this tool helpful. We love the professional soap our Soap Beveller/Shaver creates. See a picture of what beveled soap looks like and a video of how to use the beveller in our 5 Tips to Create Professional Looking Soap blog post.

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Vicki Anne
Good Tool

Simple & effective. No problem with using the beveller tool. My art soap is always beautiful and now it is more beautiful.