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Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies

Holiday Centerpiece Project

Stacked Soap Tree 

Make adorable holiday centerpieces and table decorations for your holiday celebrations! And when the evening is over they can take a cute soapy present home!

 Soon we will be posting in-depth step-by-step instructions over at the Soap Queen Blog. But if you can't wait - here's what you need to make these fun soap trees.


Clear Soap base
White Soap base
Emerald Green Lab color
Christmas Forest Fragrance
Flexible Brownie Tray
Variety of Star Shaped Cookie Cutters

Wooden Skewers

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Step 1: Melt, color, and fragrance 6 ounces of clear soap and pour into the flexible brownie tray mold.

Step 2: Repeat with the white base.

Step 3: Remove solid soap sheet from the tray and cut out star shapes.

Step 4: As you cut, stack up your stars and alternate colors - cut 2, 3, even 4 of each size to make taller trees. At this point, we like to clean up the edges by rubbing them with our finger to get rid of little stray bits of soap.

Step 5: Measure the length of your skewer against the stack and cut it down if needed (see photo above).

Step 6: Take your bottom star and push the skewer through the middle until it's flush on the back side. Then just continue to 'skewer' your soap stars through the middle.

Step 7: For the last star tip it up on it's end and skewer through the bottom for a start on top of the tree!

 Eco Chic Soap

Eco Chic Coffee Soap
Have you checked out our kits lately?
Our newest addition is the Eco Chic soap kit. Using household containers for molds and our Organic soap base you can make beautiful earth friendly soaps. The instructions are available in a paper free online tutorial.

Tile Soap 

   Exotic limited edition fragrance coming soon!
On December 15th we will have Marrakesh available for sale. Mysterious and rich blend of Oak Moss, Tangerine, Clove Leaf, and Vanilla Orchid. We think this unusual scent will be a new favorite.

Reader's Choice Award 


We are so ecstatic to receive the Best Supplier of the year award from the Saponifier.

We've worked hard for it and this kind of encouragement only makes us want to work harder for you. Thanks again for your support.

Sneak Peek
Follow this link to shop from our December Web Specials before they are posted for our regular web visitors. This means you can shop from the November sale items and December sale items at the same time! But only for a short time until the November Specials go live at the beginning of the month.
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Christmas Molds - We have put tons of our  Holiday soap molds on sale! Now's the time to get your Christmas designs.

Macadamia Nut Butter - An exceptionally emollient and luxurious. We love it for lip balms!


Citrus Blend - all natural blend of essential oils including lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - One of our most popular fragrances, this is a delicious blend of almond, vanilla, and sweet baked goodness!

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