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Awful to work with

Brambleberry is my soul source for carrier oils, essential oils, and fragrance oils. However, a recent order of lye was extremely disappointing. Never have I had such a fight to make my soaps. The lye created heavy fumes, it did not dissolve well and crystallized in one batch of soap. Furthermore, I had to dig out some mass of black specks on almost every dissolved container. I will continue pledging allegiance to Brambleberry, but it will not be with the lye purchases.

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It does the job but...

There is a lot of dust and it doesn't pour smoothly at all. It makes such a mess when I try to measure it out. The granules pour so smoothly and I've never had any spills with it, but I make a mess every time I use these flakes. The dust flies everywhere. Measuring it out can be tricky. I find I end up putting some back each time because it sometimes comes out in larger than intended amounts because you have to rattle the bottle to get it out instead of just tipping it like you do the granules. I started using a spoon to scoop it out but it did not help the toxic fumes or dust. I wear a mask and it still seems to penetrate it and make me cough. It dissolves just fine and makes good soap but it's just not easy to use. I prefer the granules over the flakes.

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I have a bit of trouble

Had a bit of trouble with the Lye. Brambleberry called me and I am a happy camper! You go Brambleberry! You are honest and reach out to help your customers!!

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I wonder if there's a bad batch . . .

I've used BB lye for years with no problems (though I too prefer the beads as others have said. But the flakes are fine too) However, the past months all the soap I've made, using my tried and true recipes, have come out off. Then I noticed the spate of negative reviews on this lye, all right around the same time, and now I have to wonder if there was maybe an off batch that we got? I'd love to know when the reviewers who have had problems bought their lye.

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I prefer flakes but..

The first lye I ever purchased (a few years ago) was from BB. I never had any trouble. I had bought from another supplier to save money. Turns out, I hate the little microbeads. The static drives me insane. After a bit of a break, I was happy to soap again. I decided to stick with flakes regardless of price. I also figured it was a good excuse to order from BB a little more often during the year. I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in you current lye. The outside of the bottles are now covered in lye dust - every time. Each bottle I used right until the end seemed to be the bottom of the barrel, as far as the crazy amounts of dust in it. Your lye wasn't like this before. And it is this reason that I cannot purchase it again. This is dangerous for new soapers that may be unaware of how to properly handle lye and I am so surprised that BB would send something like this out their door. Out of 4 bottles, only 2 batches sweated. Not sure if it was lye or other conditions.