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A cloud of lye dust

This is by far the dustiest lye I've used. Especially at the bottom of the bottle, there's a poof of powder as I pour the lye out! The flakes aren't clinging to the bottle and things from static, but it's not worth it.

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I was very surprised when I received my first order of lye from Brambleberry to find the outside of the bottle covered in dust. I wasn't sure if I should wear gloves to even handle the bottle straight from the shipment. As far as I can tell, the lid hadn't opened in transit, so I'm confused as to why the bottle was in such a state. Before Brambleberry, I used lye purchased from hardware supply stores, which came as small granules (almost like sand) and dissolved quickly and easily with minimal dust. Brambleberry's lye is in large chunks/flakes that take forever to dissolve, are harder to pour out accurately (I'm always putting some back in the bottle), and create so much dust when pouring! I wear a mask when handling lye but the dust still gets to me. However, the product does work as intended and I haven't had any problems as far as functionality is concerned.

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No problem here!

I made my very first batch of soap today using the Basic 1, 2, 3, Tutorial from Anne-Marie's book ( I did add fragrance oil, though). I didn't experience any problems measuring out or adding the lye flakes to the water, and the flakes dissolved completely. I am anxiouly awaiting unmolding and cutting my soap. Thanks from a new soaper for your wonderful products!

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Bad Lye

Wow, I love all of your products but have been having trouble with your lye since March. And now I have one of your reps telling me to not order until they figure out if they lye is actually defective. Well, I love all of your products but there is obviously a problem with your lue flakes. That ok, don't worry. As you suggested I won't order lye from you any longer. Not improved with your suggestion. I will, however, continue to purchase other products as long as the quality remains consistently good. Maybe someone else should be handling the lye problems so they get resolved.

Amber from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tina, We’ve tested the lye that you returned and didn’t find any issues with it. We use the same lye we sell for all of our Soap Queen blog projects as well and we haven’t had any issues. It is true that flake lye can take longer to dissolve because of the larger size, but we have found that the benefit of not having those static cling lye beads flying around is much better than the extra time it takes. So we are not sure what is going on with the product you have tried recently, but we are always here to help any way that we can.

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Awful to work with

Brambleberry is my soul source for carrier oils, essential oils, and fragrance oils. However, a recent order of lye was extremely disappointing. Never have I had such a fight to make my soaps. The lye created heavy fumes, it did not dissolve well and crystallized in one batch of soap. Furthermore, I had to dig out some mass of black specks on almost every dissolved container. I will continue pledging allegiance to Brambleberry, but it will not be with the lye purchases.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Deborah! I'm sorry you were having troubles working with our lye. We find the flakes create less dust than the bead-type lye, and that the flakes are easier to work with. There is a phenomenon called lye lint where carbon dioxide in the air does form specks in the cooling lye, and I'm wondering if that's what you're seeing. The Soapmaker's Companion by Susan Cavitch talks about lye lint if you'd like more information on it. Customer service has contacted you directly to help resolve this issue. :-)