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Works very well.

I have tried the pellet form of lye and I really do not like it because it does not work fast like the flake form does. I see a lot of people do not like the flake form of Lye but I personally love it and have never had a problem with the way it works in my soap, nor any dust clouds from it.

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Michelle B
Works well for me

I have no issue with the form of the Lye. I do pour slowly and that minimizes any 'dust'. Very satisfied with this product.

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To Much Dust

I agree with other reviews that the dust is to much. I rated 3 stars because this lye certainly does what it is supposed to do. No problems with my soap when making my products, my sole complaint is the dust. I agree with another user that I would rather deal with the static cling than the dust. Love BB for all other products ... just not a big fan of this form of lye.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While the larger flake form lye definitely can form more dust we find this safer to work with than the beads that can have static cling. We have not found the dust to be a safety risk when following proper lye precautions. Though if you find the dust particularly irritating you can also wear a dust or surgical mask while working with it to prevent breathing any in. For more information check out our Back to Basics: Lye Safety Guide blog post.

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There's a problem with this lye

For some reason, none of the soap that I have made with this lye is turning out right. Both batches were really really soft and took forever to harden. Same recipe that I have been using along with Energy fragrance which never gives an issue. Love your other products.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Cassandra! That is super strange that your soap is not turning out! We use this Sodium Hydroxide Lye in our soap lab all of the time without problem. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot :-)

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Not buying this again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Brambleberry and you are my go-to for almost everything soap related...but not sodium hydroxide anymore. I have kids and pets, and a husband, and though they are nowhere near my workspace, the cloud of f dust that mushrooms up when I try to gently pour out the lye is like nothing I have seen!!! All that dust is settling somewhere, and is much riskier than the electrostatic beads I am used to dealing with;

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Denise! I'm sorry our lye isn't working out for you. We do prefer the large flake form ourselves but it can create some extra dust. We have never had a problem with that but if you are sensitive to it you can always wear a mask to reduce irritation.