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Is this recommended to use in rebatch soap making as well???

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Love it!

I have become a SL lover! I don't use it in my regular CP recipe, but I use it for my CP cupcakes to help the "frosting" set up nice and thick, I use it in my HP to help keep it fluid and more easy to stir/mold, in liquid soap I use it when diluting as it seems to help the paste to break up more easily, and have just started using it in place of glycerin in my lotions to help with that sticky feeling glycerin can impart. Absolutely love it and it's a wonderful price. Can't say enough about it!

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Not as expected

I purchased this to help with the lasting quality of my soaps. I have not been impressed. I have made several batches with this double checked my amounts and am not happy. My soaps are coming out crumbly, and separated. It is almost like whipped topping. I am started using less than required and had the same results. Ruined several batches trying this out.

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Not full bottle of Sodium Lactate

Hi, My bottles came half full. I ordered two 40z bottles and they were both half empty. I do not see any spillage or evidence of leak in the box in which it came.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Shadaya! That is completely normal! We measure all of our products by weight, not volume. This means a super dense liquid, like the Sodium Lactate, will not fill up the bottle the same way as a super lightweight oil would with the same weight. For more information on this check out A Guide to Weight vs. Volume blog post.

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sodium lactate

I made many pounds of soap with this new product tweaking lots of other elements like temperatures, stirring time, fragrance insulation, and recipes. I think I figured out that I need to use it only with silicone molds and/or recipes in which the solid oils contain very little to no palm oil for reliable results. One worked fine that had 1/2 olive oil and half solids - coconut, shea, and palm, with palm being only about 1/4 of the solids. It had coconut milk as part of the liquids. I have been soaping about 15 years with no failures before this, but my soaps were mostly crumbly and a little spotted.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Laura! I'm sorry you had some failures with this product. We love the Sodium Lactate and the nice, hard bar it results in. Though because it is a hardening agent in soap, if your recipe is already super hard it can make it crumbly. This product works best when using a silicone mold or working with a softer recipe. For more information check out our Sunday Night Spotlight: Sodium Lactate blog post.