Bramble Berry Limited Edition Fragrance Oils - Special Order

Did we have a limited edition fragrance that you just loved but wasn't added to our regular line? We hear you! We have convinced our manufacturer to make these fragrances in the smallest size possible so that you can still get them - even if we no longer have them in stock

PLEASE NOTE: Our 10 lb sizes of Limited Edition Fragrances are considered special orders and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. If ordered with other items, the Limited Fragrance will be back-ordered and the rest of your order will be shipped separately. Due to extra large and/or multiple boxes required for these 10 lbs fragrances, shipping may more than quoted by the shopping cart. If you have any questions please call 360-734-8278 before ordering. Thanks!

Special Order

Limited Edition Special Orders
Euphoria Calvin Klein Type Fragrance Oil
Euphoria Calvin Klein Type Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Euphoria, by Calvin Klein (Type): Euphoria is the first fragrance in three years from the popular fashion house, Calvin Klein. This fragrance is all

Hawaiian White Ginger Fragrance Oil
Hawaiian White Ginger Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Hawaiian White Ginger: Just like the wild ginger growing in Hawaii this authentic fragrance is bright and fresh. It has fun top notes of Oranges with

Mango Lassi Fragrance Oil
Mango Lassi Fragrance Oil

Mango Lassi: On a road trip to Atlanta, GA, I had the great pleasure of eating at a little Indian restaurant called "Haveli" on Spring Street. While

Oakmoss Fragrance Oil
Oakmoss Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

This rich and musky scent is a "must have" as a base note for blending. Alone, it produces a deep, nature scent. If you're looking for an alternative

Orchid Fragrance Oil
Orchid Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Orchid: This dreamy fragrance is an airy fragrance that is more fantasy than reality. Many orchid varieties do not have a scent but the flower is so beautiful

Pink Sugar (aquolina) Type Fragrance Oil
Pink Sugar (aquolina) Type Fragrance Oil

Aquolina Pink Sugar: Special Order - this fragrance smells just like a fabulously adult cotton candy. It does discolor soap a dark brown