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Strong but oh so good!

I received this as a sample with one of my orders and I think it blew away the fragrance oils I had actually paid for! THIS SCENT IS STRONG but in an awesome I wanna stick my face in this bar of soap way. I left one of the bars of mp soap with this fragrance on my kitchen counter and every time I walked by I could smell it. For me, it is lovely, spicy scent and fairly masculine. Once I run out I will definitely return for more!

So good!

I received this as a sample, and I'm back to buy a big bottle. At first I wasn't sure if it was too strong of a scent for my liking, but once I used a bit of the soap I used it in, I was 100% sold. It's WONDERFUL and the scent lingers so nicely on your skin.

Verified Purchase

This scent is so hot and spicy and great. It’s so cinnamony and it really has bite. Really like it. I will say we make really fragrant soaps, so i usually use most fragrance oils at the upper end of Bramble Berry’s recommendation, but with this one, I think in the future, I may dial it back a bit toward the medium level. It really packs a punch.

Great scent

I wasnt sure what to expect but loved it right away. I added this with some red coloring and poppy seeds and after 4 weeks of curing it is just amazing. It smells great like warm spicey tea on a cold day and it performed well in my cold process recipe, no issues.

What a relief!!

I prepped everything for a pumpkin spice soap I was making until I noticed I didn't had any fragrance at all. I went: OMG! Luckily, I remembered my sample of my most recent order which I was saving it for a different, still Fall-ish soap. The warmth in this aroma is so full that can easily be used in any type of Autumn recipes that you could be thinking for the upcoming festivities. My mother stepped in my soap shop and it was all over the room!! I highly recommend this product.