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Divine Scent

I haven't even soaped with this one yet, but I know it will be amazing! My order of the Spiced Red Tea arrived with several others yesterday, and I immediately dabbed some of this on directly out of the bottle. This morning, I put on my scarf & that scent is still lingering like a champ. A fellow soaper described the aroma being akin to Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea, and I couldn't agree more. It would be lovely in perfume-making, too! GET THIS OIL!

Best Masculine FO EVER!!!

I only use FO's for custom orders so my experience may be limited, but this is the best smelling masculine FO's I ever smelled in CP soap! I received it a free sample & used it at the medium usage rate. Noacceleration, riceing, or color morphing.

Verified Purchase

There are not enough words in the English language to describe how wonderful this smells! I chose it as my free sample and it has sucked me in - I'm coming back for an 8oz bottle. It moved into my top 3 scents as soon as I opened the bottle. Spicy, but not overpowering with the perfect amount of wood and fruit. Behaved great in a lard/coconut oil/shea butter/castor oil + coconut milk recipe - gave me time to swirl red clay in half the batter for some color.

I love it

Thanks for the free sample. I used it in a small batch (10 oz oils) and scented only the dark half with the free sample. Four weeks cure, it still smells great!

Strong but oh so good!

I received this as a sample with one of my orders and I think it blew away the fragrance oils I had actually paid for! THIS SCENT IS STRONG but in an awesome I wanna stick my face in this bar of soap way. I left one of the bars of mp soap with this fragrance on my kitchen counter and every time I walked by I could smell it. For me, it is lovely, spicy scent and fairly masculine. Once I run out I will definitely return for more!