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Superb in candles

Wonderful scent, particularly for the holidays. Spicy and warm but not like potpourri. Will be buying a larger bottle.

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It is intoxicating!

Perfect! Just perfect FO. Strong, sophisticated and well behaving in wax. Reminds me a new Byredo perfume 11th hour. It is not a dupe by any means. But they are siblings.

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Not impressed

In my search for a green tea or a essential oil tea as good as if not better than your now discontinued matcha tea latte I had hopes I was very disappointed all it smelt like was cloves & cinnamon a Christmas pie but not what I was hoping for

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for another tea scent you may prefer Bergamot Black Tea Fragrance Oil or Green Tea & Cucumber Fragrance Oil.

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Very Strong

I was hoping for a holiday scent for men but unfortunatley the soap had not cured in time for the holidays. I'm not fond of this fragrance at all. I find it unpleasant and strong smelling. I had to finally box up the soap so I wouldn't have to smell it. I'm happy you have positive feedback on this fragrance, it's just not for me and since I have a lot left over, I will not need to purchase any more.

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Mrs. Amber
Wait for the "WOW"!

I have to be honest, OOB I wasn't too sure. The most prominent note to me was clove, and although I love clove, it smelled VERY dominating, to where I couldn't really detect the other notes. It wasn't a scent I disliked by any means though, so I decided I'd go ahead and make a batch of CP with it. I used a beer base & poppy seeds swirled in with TD & Ruby Red pigment powder, and all I can say is WOW!!!! First off, this FO is AMAZING in a beer base! Secondly, once in the actual soap, it blossomed and came to life in the most incredible way! The dominating clove mellowed, and complimenting notes of comforting tea, a warm menagerie of spices and tobacco leaf came shining through beautifully to make this incredibly rich & opulent blend! The soap came out stunning, and something tells me the AMAZING scent will only get better & better with cure! I was also incredibly pleased to discover this FO behaves EXCELLENT in CP! 70% hard oils, a 2:1 liquid/lye ratio, ingredients known to accelerate & a 2 color swirl could NOT get this FO to misbehave! In fact, it actually thinned trace for me a bit, giving me ample time to execute the perfect design! I cannot wait for friends to try my "Spiced Red Tea & Poppy Beer Soap", and I also can't wait to buy more of this delectable FO! This was absolutely a lesson for me to not judge a FO straight oob! I was amazed at how lovely it smelled in action!