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Muddle Soaps
It's okay.

I like the mold. It's a nice shape, the weight of the soaps feel good. But I feel the design is too big. Once you cut them you don't really get solid faces and the mood of the soap is lost. Also, it's VERY hard to get the soap out of it! I added sodium lactate to my soap, let it sit for over 24 hours, and froze it. And even then it was very hard to get out of the mold, and it tore a few of the faces off. I know I'll use it again, but I think I'll make my own silicone version from the pour-able silicone. Make it a little easier to pull. I'd gladly pay extra for a redesigned, silicon version of this mold. More faces on a bar of soap, and a little easier to get it out. But it's cute.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi there! I'm sorry this mold wasn't your favorite. I will definitely bring up your feedback about an updated silicone version of this mold to our development team!