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No scent & burns

Smelled so good in the bottle. Used the max rate in my lip balm still no scent and burned our lips!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Strawberry Flavor Oil does tend to have a lighter scent in lip balms. Though it should not burn the lips when used at 6% or below. If you're looking for another flavor you may prefer one of our most popular Passionfruit Rose Fragrance and Flavor Oil.

Verified Purchase
Not much scent

I bought this because I had my heart set on some strawberry lip balms. I read the reviews that said they were disappointed in the lack of scent, but decided to try it anyway. Well, I should have listened because I had the same problem. I added way more of this than I normally would for a lip balm and a ton of the lip smacking sweet oil too. It was still pretty weak and barely detectable. In desperation to save the batch, I put a tiny amount of passionfruit rose flavor oil into it. This finally gave it some flavor, and since it is a fruity scent, I hoped I could call it Strawberry and peoples minds would do the rest . At a recent fair I did where I offered both passionfruit rose lip balms and these "strawberry" ones, people repeatedly chose the passionfruit one because it smelled stronger. Anyway, I gave it my best try and this oil just did not pan out. Get the passionfruit rose one instead, it is fabulous and will not disappoint.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Strawberry Flavor Oil is a lighter option though we found it still came through nicely when used at 6%. The Passionfruit Rose Fragrance And Flavor Oil is another great fruity choice. Though if you're looking for new options you may prefer our Watermelon Flavor Oil or Papaya Flavor Oil.

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Sweet Summer Strawberry!

This is a great lip flavor. It smells light, so you definitely have to use to 6% in your lip balms to get it to taste as potent as I like. This is a great product, smells like sweet strawberries, and incorporates in the balm easily!

Beautiful A'Liz
Light Smell

smells light but I still love it

Verified Purchase
No flavor

Neither I nor my friends can taste any hint of strawberry no matter how much I add to the lip balm. Very disappointed with this product and wouldn't recommend.097

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Ginger! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this flavor oil. We love the Jolly Rancher-like scent our Strawberry Flavor Oil has! Any flavor oil will scent you lip balm nicely, but they won't flavor it. You can read more about that in this Sunday Night Spotlight: Flavoring Oils blog post. If you want your balms sweetened you can add Lip Smacking Sweet Flavor Oil. I will email you personally to discuss this further.