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A New Favorite! Love this Fragrance

I made CP soap with this fragrance this week. It smells so good. It was easy to work with no acceleration and I have several colors for swirling. The smell is so good. I am obsessed with the soaps and constantly smelling them. It is a scent that you can use anytime. There is a slight lemon smell at the back of the nose and it makes it even better.

The BEST scent ever!!!

I absolutely adore this scent! It’s probably number one on my list!! And I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t think it’s amazing, too! It’s like candy.. maybe sugared grape candy? It’s a yummy, girly scent. Great for Christmas or any time of year!! Please never discontinue this!!! I can never keep this soaps with this scent in stock!

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HP soap came out great, the fragrance is out of this world.

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Absolutely Scrumptious!

I just received this in mail today so I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I make soy candles, whipped sugar scrubs and room sprays so I cant wait to test it all over the place! It smells absolutely scrumptious. I simply cant get enough. I keep popping the top off so I can get whiffs of it. You get something a little different every time you smell it; I love fragrances like this! Fruity, sweet, a little bit of whimsey...perfect. -- Please, please, PLEASE don't discontinue this. All the reviews are saying customers love it and can't get enough. It would be wonderful if you kept it in the store permanently.

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Beautiful sweet scent

This is my favorite scent of all time! I fell in love with it instantly. I definitely smell the citrus and peachy notes first, but really all the notes combine to make a very fruity, bright sweet scent. It's not cloying or overly sweet. In my CP soap formula, it didn't rice or accelerate trace. There was some discoloration that I counteracted with some titanium dioxide.