In this issue: Find out how to make easy bubbles that are oh so fun! Also receive 40% off glycerin and LabColors and 10% off fragrance oils.
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Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles

Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles!

Do you remember how fun it was to blow bubbles? If you've forgotten, this is the summer for you to try it again and introduce the children in your life to experience the carefree joy of bubble blowing. You can also use this recipe for party favors, weddings and as an educational activity for the kiddos. With this easy to make recipe using just a few ingredients, you can creat a whole new meaning for the phrase 'break out the bubbly' this summer!

Bubble Recipe:
Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles 3
ONE: Combine liquid soap, glycerin and distilled water in a container. Mix well without incorporating too many bubbles. A mini mixer pushed to the very bottom of the container works well.
TWO: For best results, let sit overnight.

Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles 2
Homemade Bubble Blower: Cut off the back end of a dropper tube to use as a bubble wand. The great thing about this tool is it limits how much air you can blow through it, which keeps bubbles from popping!
Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles 1Try Catching Bubbles: Wet your hands with the bubble solution and "catch" the bubbles by getting them to land on your hands. 
Bubble Painting

Bubble Paintings

Make bubble art! It’s fun and easy. Make the bubbles as suggested above and add 4 mL of any undiluted LabColor of your choice.
Blow bubbles on paper and let them splatter and pop to create your design. Try mixing colors and using different tools to blow bubbles through. Let painting dry completely before framing. Enjoy!
Glycerin and LabColors

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Soap Crayons and Squishy Putty - learn to make them at Camp Bramble Berry!

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This is the last email for June's Camp Bramble Berry Newsletters. We hope you enjoyed our summer series where we shared recipes for how to make Squishy Putty, Soap Crayons, Sidewalk Chalk, and Bath Fizzy Clay

If you'd like to get all the ingredients you need to make all of the projects in this series use this link. And don't forget to enter coupon code CAMPBB so you can save over $20 on the entire kit. May your summer be filled with fun, sun and soap!

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