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Great Alternative to TD White

I like how this mica gives me an alternative to the stark whiteness of TD. I've used it to lighten & add shimmer to other colors. And I've used it alone to give the white portion of my soap a bit of a different look than just plain white. It also adds a nice color to lotions & doesn't take much to add a little shimmer to white lotions. I will absolutely continue to use this mica.

I don't use TD either

I know one reviewer did not have success using this in place of TD, but others have. I am a hobby soaper but have made enough batches now that I experimented with this instead of the Zinc Oxide for white that I was using (because that is what I already had). I LOVE IT too! I wish it wasn't quite so expensive, but it sure is beautiful and makes my soaps white enough for me, with the added bonus of a beautiful subtle glimmery shimmer :). I definitely recommend it! :)

Verified Purchase

This is the all-around winner for white mica. I've used it alone in clear soaps or to sparkle up tie-dye soap, dusted the tops of my HP loaves, painted on bath bombs, and made shimmer mists and lotions. Love it!

I Need a Pearl Mica

Can I use this in a body butter?

My most used mica

I find this mica to be the most versatile. You can use it alone or mix it with other micas or pigments to lighten them up. I haven't replaced TD yet but I do add some with my TD and it gives it a little more "pearlescent" color rather than flat white. It is also nice for dusting on the top of CP soaps.