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Perfect for Strawberry Daiquiri

This is definitely a very sweet strawberry scent. It's actually perfect for the plans I have to make a Strawberry Daiquiri soap - the cocktail is very sweet, so this scent needed to be more sweet and not herbal. Would LOVE it if Bramble Berry would consider more environmentally sensitive packaging for shipping - we cannot recycle the form-fitting styrofoam wrapped in plastic here. Other vendors offer paper wrap/packaging for glass bottles so I know it can be done!! Thanks for your consideration!

Smells amazing

I used this in some solid sugar scrubs and my Mom almost ate one thinking it was some kind of strawberry dessert.

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Very nice, candy like scent

I used this with my HP soap and it is so sweet but it is great. Its almost like a sugared strawberry I guess I would say. My kids love it and it worked well in my HP. I really want to put this in my liquid soap base and melt and pour :) I think I will! *Update! I used this in body butter and bath salts and my entire family is in love with the strawberry scent, gone through almost half the bottle already! very cute strawberry fragrance, will need to buy more ;)

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Naughty fragrance

Hi, I must say, I am not impressed at all with this fragrance. Smells quite bad... It does not smell like strawberries and even my husband has asked me not to use this fragrance again (melt and pour process). Had to throw away a batch of 24 soaps. :(

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Teodora! I'm sorry you didn't like this scent. We love the syrupy scent of our Surplus Strawberry Fragrance Oil. If you're looking for a less sweet strawberry you should try our Strawberry Fragrance Oil. If you're looking for other fruity scents you may like Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil or Blueberry Delight Fragrance Oil.

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Sickening berry scent

This smells nothing like strawberries, or like normal strawberry scents. It's instead an overly-sweet berry scent that reminds me of cheap hand- sanitizer. Don't buy.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Natalie! I'm sorry this fragrance was overly-sweet smelling to you. We love the syrupy sweetness of our Surplus Strawberry Fragrance Oil. If you're looking for a less, sweet version of strawberry you may like our Strawberry Fragrance Oil.