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I used this in cold process soap and it behaved beautifully and I mixed it with champagne and made a strawberry champagne soap, it smells amazing. No ricing, no discoloring, great strong scent. This would be good even by itself. Will definitely order more.

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Nice Fragrance

Sweet and pleasant. Not enough fragrance for bath bomb but nice for salt or sugar scrub.

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"Smells like there's strawberry puree in my soap!"

I bought this to make something lusciously strawberry for my daughter's birthday. Trying it out before her birthday, I gave her a sample soap, and my strawberry scent expert's review is that "it smells like real strawberries" and "not fake." I'm not a big fruit-scent fan, but I do like this one. That was in a lightly scented hot process soap. Not knowing she was going to get a strawberry-filled basket for her birthday, a few days later, she casually mentioned she'd love some key lime pie soap for her birthday. Go figure! :)

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Not my thing.

Used in melt and pour and it works fine however I didn't like the smell of it once it was on the soap. It's Mel OK in the bottle not quite like strawberry but strawberry-ish but it doesn't smell anything like strawberry to me once it's in the soap I actually can't stand the smell of it my husband says that he doesn't mind it, so maybe it's just me. I will not get this again.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sebrina! I'm sorry you weren't happy with this scent once used in soap. We love the syrupy sweet Surplus Strawberry Fragrance Oil, though that sugary note isn't for everyone! If you're looking for other berry scents you may prefer Strawberry Fragrance Oil, Red Berry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil, or Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil.

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Love this fragrance! I use it in Bath Bombs and the fragrance stays. Top It with Cocoa Butter and yo have a Chocolate covered Strawberry. I can't keep these in stock.