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Cute Sushi Soap

Sushi Soap

In the testing lab for Soap Queen TV, Anne-Marie has been working on a new project. Although we don't have the complete tutorial worked out - we thought it would be fun to show our newsletter subscribers an exclusive peek at our Sushi Soap Project coming soon to Soap Queen TV! 





Directions: Since this is a fairly complicated project, we don't have the space to go into the full instructions here. However, the process is very similar to our Jelly Roll soap project. The first step is to make all of your parts; make a thin seaweed sheet, use different colors of soap cut up into sticks, and grated white soap for the rice.

To make the 'seaweed' the perfect texture we actually rolled out a sheet of our Flexy Fast molding putty onto a sheet of real nori. After the putty had completely hardened, we ran it under warm water and rubbed off the nori. It left behind a few scraps of seaweed - but that just added authenticity to our sushi soap! Trim down this textured sheet so that it fits perfectly in the bottom of your flexible tray mold.

It's important to have all of your components ready as soon as the 'seaweed' soap sheet is set-up. The fresher the soap, the easier it is to roll.

Lay down the seaweed sheet and sprinkle a little grated soap along the longer edge. Next, lay strips of the various colored soaps on top of the 'rice' and then sprinkle a little more grated soap on top. Gently but firmly, roll up the soap pressing down the shredded soap. Cut into pieces and you're done! 

Orange essential oil
10 fold orange essential oil has been distilled 10 times concentrating the intense scent of orange essential oil. Longevity in Cold Process soap is just one of the benefits of a 10 fold essential oil. Another great advantage of our 10X orange essential oil is that the photosensitizing elements have been removed making it safe to use in lip balms!
Felxy Fast Molding Putty

   The possibilities are endless with the newest addition to our mold line. So far, we've made numerous cupcake molds using magnets, lip balm pots, and anything else cupcake shaped lying around our office. We also made a really cool texture sheet that fits perfectly in our flexible tray mold. Needless to say we've gone above and beyond in the 'testing phase' of our product research and have found the Flexy Fast putty to be  quick and easy. Get your kit for just $29.99 here!


Non-bleeding colors

Liquid Colors
We carry an entire line of non-bleeding liquid colors! Never have your soap colors migrate again. Choose from Red, Yellow, Black, Brown, Violet, Pink, Blue, and White. Our selection will allow you to create any color in the rainbow!
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Lily of the Valley Mold

Gardener's Mold


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Shampoo Base (liquid)

Sliding Soap Boxes

Bronze Mica               
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