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My 1st Soap ever

This kit was so easy to understand and do. The scent is out of this world and so are the colors. Thank you so much.

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A must have!

I purchased the kit because my stick blender was about to give up on me. I’ve been making soaps for over a year now and I already had all the tools, but I really needed an upgrade so I finally decided to get the kit & OMG! I was blown away from all the stuff that comes in this kit and the quality of it; the description doesn’t say it, but there are 2 easy pour containers, and the FO it is not a sample size! The only thing that I will not use are the goggles because they create condensation during use and can’t see what I’m doing. Overall this is the perfect kit for starting out or if you need an upgrade in tools.

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Amanda Aaron - Lovin Soap Studio
Excellent Kit!

This kit was awesome! I just tried it last night and my soap came out perfectly. :) All of the equipment that you receive for the price is amazing! Thanks! <3 <3

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Love the colors and fragrance.

I ordered this kit recently and really enjoyed making it. The colors are beautiful and the fragrance that came with it is great as well. I can't take the loaf out of the mold yet but I am so excited to see how it looks. :)