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Amazing kit!

Thiskit is amazing! Super easy to use for people who are just starting with melt and pour, the instructions were easy to follow and I had fun. I made a couple mistakes but I learned from them and now know what not to do with the next soap batch I make. I always wanted to get into soap making but was so scared and intimidated by it at first, well I'm glad I finally took a chance! I have already ordered more supplies and am going to keep practicing, I eventually want to sell my soaps.

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Great Kit

I really enjoyed making this, it was easy to follow and the kit had everything needed.

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Wow, very nice

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Very Easy & Fun

As I am new to melt and pour, pretty much any project intimidates me. This kit was very easy, had great instructions and the Yuzu fragrance smelt terrific! Just remember to spray between each layer your alcohol otherwise you may lose one! (I forgot and the top layer popped off!). I also found it easier to pre-chop the soap and have everything set out. I melted it in 1lb increments and that worked well for me. The colors are very pretty, lots of suds and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this.

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swirled soap

I loved doing this project i am new to soaping the only thing that made me nervous was this was the first time i used a loaf mold and there was no advise on the video or on the instructions on how long before you unmold it that might be a good addition to the instructions for us newbies.