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My Favorite Product

I ordered the large size this time. Since I read so many recipes suggesting using a coffee bean machine to get the lumps out I tried it. What a difference it makes. Now I don't have to mix as much and no streaking. Also seems I got more product. I put it is a closed Mason Jar and it goes in most of my recipes. Thanks BB

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TD is Great Love It

I use it in all of my soaps. I use it to get a true color when using a different color as well as just making white.

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Love love LOVE this TD!

I always mix my TD in warmed almond oil, the warmed oil seems to accept the TD better. Plus, I micronize in a Cuisinart electric coffee grinder until it's super fine. I'll micronize enough to store in an empty jar so I always have it ready. I've tried other brands of TD, Brambleberry's is bright white. The best titanium dioxide ever!

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Very Useful!

I find that I use this a lot because Olive Oil soap isn't very white on it's own. It doesn't take a lot to whiten it up. It is a little hard to mix in, even when mixed in with some oil before adding to the batter, but it does eventually mix in. I have had some glycerine rivers while using this, but then read the article about discounting the water and have less of a problem now.

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Used for almost EVERYTHING!

I Love titanium dioxide. I use it in practically EVERY soap I make, because I love color and the white always make colors pop, as well as softens/lightens up colors and adds an opaque color quality that I'm sometimes looking for. It works very well for me, since I mix it in sunflower or sweet almond oils first (or even a tablespoon of my mixed oils. I add extra in my olive oil recipes (I usually use pomace grade) to make it as bright as possible. Just bought a big bottle!