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mmmmm good

this fragrance is so nice I cant stop smelling it. got it today as a free sample, made up a small batch with shea butter. oh it is so nice smelling, no ricing or seizing at all. going to be one of my regular scents for men for sure!

Verified Purchase

I received this as my freebie sample and feel deeply in love at first sniff. I took it to work for my co-workers to smell and now I have them hooked. Men & women love it just as much. One of my male coworkers wanted to know where to buy it and will now be shopping with Bramble Berry. Bramble Berry is doing a awesome job giving gifting freebies. I most likely would not have bought this otherwise. First thing I made with this was a deodorant for my husband. Will also be using it in lotions and soap. Thank you so much!


I love, love, love this one. For some reason it also reminds me of Christmas time. Very gender neutral. I did an MP batch of this and Shave & Haircut, mixing the two together is a wonderful combination.

Verified Purchase
Love love love this fragrance!

I bought this FO based on the reviews and I am so glad that I did. It's my absolute favorite. I can't get enough of it. Although it's listed under men's fragrances I find it to be unisex. It does have a somewhat masculine smell but at the same time it's very soft and warm. I used it in CP soap, the soap has finished curing and the scent is still very much there. My customers absolutely love and women alike. I will be buying more of this!!

Love it

This FO smells amazing .. masculine and feminine! It's a must have .. behaved well in CP ..amazing scent