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New Favorite Fragrance!!!

My first impression OOB was a little disappointing. I didn't think it matched up to what I expected, but when I came back and smelled it later, I loved it! I did a four color hanger swirl with a three color swirl on top. I had no issues soaping with it. This fragrance is even better in soap; Love, Love, Love!

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Smelled like plastic at first

Update: the soap has been curing a couple of weeks now, and the scent has definitely improved! The plastic smell is nearly gone, and I expect it to be completely gone by the end of six weeks. Still, I’m not planning to reorder it. The scent may be fine, but I’d rather not deal with this one again. Original review: I want to try this scent with a different soap recipe to be fair, but my first experience is not good. The scent out of the bottle is amazing! So fruity and delicious smelling! But after using it in my usual cp soap recipe, it smells like plastic! Nasty! It accelerated trace quickly and my test batch cracked very badly even though it wasn’t insulated. Looks like another recipe is in order. Maybe it reacted to the ingredients? They are all standard, nothing unusual. I’ll try it again and update my review after that.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That is definitely strange. In our tests and recipes the Tropical Punch Fragrance Oil performed well in cold process soap without any acceleration. There can be other reasons for acceleration, especially soaping with additives that contain sugar. We do base all of our scent choices based on a full six week cure time so you may end up liking the smell better at that point after it has matured. If you're looking for other fruity fragrances you may prefer Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil or Island Escape Fragrance Oil.

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I purchased this fragrance because I figured it's fruit punch and from the description, I really thought that it would be more fruity. My nephews have allergies and the floral notes in the fragrance when used to make bath both just caused them to start sneezing. Very disappointed in this fragrance discription not be at all what I thought it would be

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Great scent! Highly recommend.

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smells sooo good!

This is a great fragrance and the description is very accurate. I've used it in white melt and pour soap and haven't experienced any discoloration. I also used it in lotion bars and the scent is strong, but not overpowering. I'm very pleased with this fragrance and will purchase more in the future.