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Great scent! Highly recommend.

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smells sooo good!

This is a great fragrance and the description is very accurate. I've used it in white melt and pour soap and haven't experienced any discoloration. I also used it in lotion bars and the scent is strong, but not overpowering. I'm very pleased with this fragrance and will purchase more in the future.

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Really loved this. It's a grown up fruit punch---almost like it needs a little umbrella. I mixed this with a couple other fragrances. It set up a little bit on me, but I was able to do a two color in the pot swirl and get it into my molds. I did soap rather warm though.

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I got a 2 oz bottle. Haven't used it yet and from the two reviews I believe that the scent should be good. I gave a 1 rating because the bottle is only 80% full. Altogether I bought five FOs and two (including this one) are not full bottles. If you want evidence, I can email you a photo taken when the bottles were still sealed. This is my first experience with Brambleberry and honestly I am quite disappointed.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Ivy! I'm glad you enjoy this scent. The reason that your bottle is not completely full, is because our fragrances are filled by weight and not volume. Some fragrances are heavier than others, which will result in the bottle being slightly less full. You may find this blog post explaining weight vs volume helpful! I will be emailing you personally to answer any other questions you may have.

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Wow delicious

Yum. Smells so good. There's no listing of vanilla content so I will assume 0% hopefully! Just used it tonight in CP soap with green oxide and am excited to see what happens. Also used in solid bubble bath, smells so wonderful. 4 stars because there is no description if it accelerates trace (though I am pretty certain it did for me tonight) but as far as the scent, wow!!! So so good and not fake smelling.