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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Endless Summer 

Are you loving our new found inspiration for the vacation inspired Aloha Molds? Keep your eyes peeled on the Soap Queen blog for an upcoming contest so you can enter to win some of these hot Summer Molds.


Palm Tree Soap
 Tips and Tricks

To get the beautiful sunset-like colors in the palm tree, do a 2 color pour with the Fizzy Lemonade and the Fired Up Fuchsia. Use clear soap with both of the colorants and let the soap cool to about 130 degrees. Then alternate pouring the soap into the mold in small amounts. The end result will look like a Hawaiian sunset with yellow, orange and pink colors. Our favorite color combos are Fired Up Fuchsia + Fizzy Lemonade (shown above) and Fired Up Fuchsia + Ultraviolet Blue (shown to the right).

To make the bright colors pop, add a thin layer of white as your background color. Notice the palm tree has a little white on the very back of the soap. Just remember to leave a little bit of room when filling up your molds, it doesn't take much for the effect.


Surf Boards and Unicorns

For the blue and yellow surfboards, we combined the same colorant in clear and white soap to give some contrast using the same color. Make your fins really bright using the clear soap and make it pop with the white soap. To our amazement, the neon colorants are still pretty bright in opaque soap.

Looking for an even brighter opaque? Combine soap bases using 1 part white soap and 1 part clear soap then add your colorant. The pink surfboard is an example of the mixture with Fired-Up Fuchsia. 

How to use the Neon Colorants...

These colorants come in a powder form similar to a mica or oxide. With extensive testing we've figured out the best way to use them is premixing with liquid glycerin or a fixed oil. ALL of the oil soluble colorants are approved for soaps and lotions.

To premix in glycerin, add 1 teaspoon of colorant to 1 tablespoon Glycerin. If you're using a fixed oil, add 1/2 teaspoon of the colorant to 1 teaspoon of oil. Use the Mini Mixer to evenly disperse the colorant. Then slowly add the colorant mixture to your soap until you have your desired shade.

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Monkey Love Fragrance Oil

Relaxing Fragrance Oil

Lemon Verbena Fragrance Oil

Orange 10X Essential Oil

Green Zeolite Clay

Ultramarine Violet Pigment

Sesame Oil

Rose Flexible Mold

Guest Mold

Bird on Branch Mold






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