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Kelly J
Never Again.

I was so excited to use this! I wanted this product for my Vanilla Peppermint Soap. I use the Warm Vanilla FO along with Peppermint EO. I throw in a little Titanium Dioxide to give the bars a nice white look. Tried and true recipe. Used the Vanilla Color Stabilizer for the first time last night, which I just ordered and received last week, so it's as new as it's gonna get. I noticed it was cloudy on the bottom, so I gave it a good shake before adding to my oils. What struck me as odd is that I ended up having to add more FO

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Excellent Product!

This did what it said it can do. I did some M&P soaps for the family and they turned out great. All my FO's had some kind of vanilla in them. I added this to the soap base and all my soaps turned out great. For the person asking about if its suppose to be cloudy , I think yes. My came when we had a snow storm and temperatures down. Some of my stuff was frozen. After leaving at room temperature everything thawed out. A must buy if your making M&P soaps. Will buy again.

Jordan Henry

I was wondering if you needed to use a vanilla color stabilizer in your sugar scrubs when using fragrances that contain vanilla.. Will it work in scrubs?

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so far it worked keeping my goats milk melt and pour white....but is it supposed to be so cloudy and foamy in the bottle?

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I loved it until

Used this for around 4-5 months. All was good until I noticed my soap came out all slimy. I looked at the 8 oz bottle of VCS had a blob at the bottom. I contacted BB and Carla directed me to a page to reincorporate the product. It did mix back in, however it's still very slimy to the touch. I would advise buying smaller bottles and using it faster than I did. Maybe I got a bad batch.