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Nice hard bar but has no moisturizing benefit.

After cutting, the bars will need to be left to cure for at least a week or more. However, once cut they are the perfect consistency for the acrylic stamps! I love vanilla select and use it frequently. I bought these loaves to supplement my handmade CP loafs that were still curing. I was expecting to find a sumptuous mouth-watering soap like mine. Nope. The fragrance is so faint I wouldn't have known there was a scent at all had I not purchased the loaves myself. As far as the formula is concerned they needed to add a more moisturizing oil such as Rice Bran or maybe even olive because this formula leaves the skin very dry and flaky. I've heard this complaint numerous times. I doubt I will supplement my loaves again unless they change the formula. In addition to this one, I've tried: Peppermint, Energy, Unscented, Oatmeal/Honey, Sleigh Ride and Cranberry Fig. They all are the same: beautiful hard bars of pleasant smelling soap with zero moisturizing benefits leaving the skin dry & flaky

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Carrie! I'm sorry this product wasn't your favorite. I double checked the scent of the loaves we have in stock and found them to be the right level of fragrance. Vanilla is not a scent that will hit you in its face with its strength like something similar to Lavender would, which smells stronger of fragrance. I'm sorry was not as moisturizing as the soap you make, which sounds lovely! Though, this is a basic bar of soap. If you're looking for something with more premium ingredients to supplement your soap with you may like our Luxury Grated Rebatch Soap. I will email you personally to discuss this further.