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Absolutely love this fragrance in my bath bombs. Customers love the smell and they are always the first to sell out. Will continue to order this product.

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Exactly like watermelons!

Love this fragrance oil made bath bombs and glycerin soap for my nephews and niece and they love it. Especially the bath bombs because they smelled like watermelons into the next day.

I love it!

I made some melt and pour goats milk base with the Watermelon Oil and I had to add a little more, but when I did it had a nice fruity scent took nicely! When I mixed the oil there was no discoloration at all and I actually added some light pink colorant myself to give it the "watermelon" look. Came out awesome! I feel this will be another great compliment to my soaps! Thank you!!

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Great Kids's Fragrance

My kids love this, and I use it in M&P. To me it smells more like the Watermelon Hubba Bubba gum. If your looking for something fun, this is it!

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It was alright!

When my package came in I smelled all my frangances and the watermelon one was one of them. And the smell was nice but when I used it in my bath bomb fizzies the smell wasn't as nice anymore.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Michelle, I’m sorry to hear this fragrance was not your favorite. If you are interested in melon scents, I would recommend the Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil. We also love blending this fragrance with the Pearberry or Sun Ripened Raspberry Fragrance Oil! Thanks for your feedback!