In this tutorial you will learn how easy and fun it is to make your own professional M&P soap on a rope, using our two-part 3D molds and soap ropes which are perfect for this process.

Soap on a Rope fits conveniently around shower faucet or handles. Soap dries faster, and lasts longer.

It's also a great product for anyone with mobility problems, as you can hang the soap over your arm while you bathe or shower.

Measuring Soap rope for 3D moldPlace rope and secure with rubber bands3D molds and soap

Measure Your Rope

Measure the length of rope necessary to embed the rope half-way into the bar, to the top of the funnel.

Prepare Your 3D Soap Mold

Lower the heat sealed end of the rope into the mold cavity, through the funnel, and tuck the remaining rope under the top rubber band.

Center the rope in the funnel (left to right), and make sure that the rope is hanging straight into the mold cavity.

Pour Your Soap

After preparing your soap base, pour the soap slowly and steadily into the mold.

Overfill the mold cavity by pouring an excess into the funnel. This will act as a reserve and eliminate any large air pockets from forming at the top of the bar.

Lightly tap the mold onto the table to release any trapped air, and if necessary, refill the funnel reserve.

Finishing Your Soap on a Rope

Unmold the soap when it is ready, and trim away any excess material or "flashing" from the bar, and around the rope.