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Thank You

Thank you for your order from Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies. I know it’s been a few months since you ordered and I hope you’ve been having fun using your supplies. If you’ve used them all up, keep reading; I’ve got a coupon for you in this email towards your next order. I’ve been in the soaping lab working on new soap recipes for the blog and SoapQueen.TV. Some of the soaps I’ve made are pictured above. Though I don’t have full tutorials written for any of the recipes yet, I’ve included links to some of the techniques I used as well as some of the different products in the projects.

Would you like to see a bar of this soap in person? When you order over $60 in the next 90 days and include the code AUGSURPRISE, I’ll make sure you get $10 off your order and a bar of one of these batches to use and inspire your next soap project.

Happy Soaping!


Ombre Soap

This soap is all about patience and a scale to help make even layers. I made this two times with slightly different color schemes (top) Blue Mix and Royal Blue Labcolor with Fresh Snow Fragrance oil (bottom) Easter Purple Labcolor, Fucshia Labcolor and Cranberry Fig Fragrance oil in the Soap Queen 5 pound loaf mold. I used the technique from this ‘Let It Bleed’ blog post but divided my batch into 10 layers.

Calendula Soap

This soap was made in the unique Vertical Mold sold at Bramble Berry, utilizing Fizzy Lemonade Colorant and the natural color of the 10X Orange Essential Oil in the bright yellow side and Calendula Petals with Yuzu fragrance on the other side. For such a striking soap, this technique is surprisingly simple. The technique is explained here in detail. Look for this project in an upcoming Soap Queen TV episode.

Faux Divider Soap

This soap utilized two extra cardboard dividers and an extra set of hands. I haven’t done anything like this before for the blog so it was fun to design and document it. This soap used three of the non-bleeding Neon colors: Tangerine Wow!, Fizzy Lemonade, and Electric Bubblegum. I scented the soap with Energy fragrance and then split the batch in three parts. Using a friend’s hands, I had her hold down my two extra cardboard dividers while I poured the three colors into the 2 pound mold. After pulling out the dividers, I put a wire coat hanger down into the soap and pulled it back and forth horizontally as I worked my way up.

4 Color Swirl

The secret to this soap is the mold. The Birchwood divider soap mold is the key to pulling the swirl colors throughout this soap. This soap used Sandalwood fragrance mixed with Energy fragrance. The colors for the project are Yellow Oxide, Violet Oxide, Black Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. The technique I used is outlined here. The key is to work with a fragrance that gives you plenty of time to work your design. You can add the dividers after the full pour to help drag the design down the sides of each bar, or just leave them in as you pour and the sides will be plain.

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