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Calling these small is an understatement; perhaps finite, teentsie, feels like cornstarch powder ... Small implies you can at least feel them, see them. Unfortunately I purchased 5, 1oz bags to use as scrubby in my facial scrubs and soaps - can't even feel them in the final product. So will use for topping decoration. I did also buy 2, 1oz bags of the Medium. At least those can be felt in final product. I gave a 4 rating because it is my fault for wrong purchase, not BBs.

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Perfect beads for my formula

Very happy with the beads. Great customer service also.

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Good product just not what I wanted

I wanted the jojoba beads for my shower gels. My only problem with them is that the beads are really small. The Small beads are soo tiny it looks like powder. Next time I order johoba beads I'm definitely going with the large size beads.