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Not sure about this soap

I like the version of this soap that Brambleberry had last year. This soap is very tough to cut if you are making loaf soap. I does still make nice ribbons when I shave it for embeds but its tougher. Otherwise, its ok, but I just loved that version before this one.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jeanne! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this soap. We have not changed versions of our SFIC White Melt and Pour at all recently, so I'm wondering if you received the wrong product! Customer service has emailed you directly to help resolve this issue. :-)

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Michelle B
Nice soap!

I like this soap. I find it easy to work with, embeds items well (such a poppy seeds), lathers nicely and is non-drying to my hands. Good stuff! It's my go-to white M&P base.

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It worked really nice and was easy to use. Makes great pastel soaps.

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didn't know it had titanium dioxide

I am a new soaper/lotioner/trying many things. I am trying to be as natural as possible, and I am finding, on my own fault, that I need to get to the "fine details" of ingredients before I use them. I really liked this soap, it made a great base of fun things, but the titanium dioxide will deter me from buying it again. too many warnings about that stuff. I will buy the pure glycerin and color if I need to, or not!

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I am not sure if Brambleberry has also replaced this white with the Stephenson, as well, but I am very disappointed with every bit of my last order. Very crumbly; most of it landed on the floor, and was rendered unusable. It doesn't look anything like the picture. If you think big folds of a plastic bag melted into the mixture is usable, you've got another thing coming. And, of course, it's do or die with it since there is no money back guarantee. Since you are buying it from someone else, you are especially responsible for the money-back guarantee, though. Don't not guarantee such a's way too expensive to not have some kind of backing to YOUR product. Don't put your name on it if you are not sure what someone else is producing for your company.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Karen! I am so sorry you were disappointed with this base! We have not switched our Bramble Berry bases with the Stephenson; we just added another option! There definitely should not be plastic running throughout your soap, it sounds like you may have gotten a defective batch. I will email you directly to resolve this issue.