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liquid titanium

I got this liquid titanium awhile back, used it in M&P, it worked great then I used it CP soap just an accent swirling and it worked just fine.

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Michelle B

You know how I use this? I purchase my clear M&P soap in bulk and just add this liquid titanium white if I want white soap instead! I don't have to purchase separate lots of soap... making clear soap the only one I need to keep in stock. :)

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I ordered the wrong thing

To be fair, I thought I was ordering the powder. I did call support before using this in my cold process soap and they said it should be ok. I know it was this product that caused me issues. When I put this in my soap I got ricing and then my soap got all globby and unworkable. Yet the other half that I used regular colorant in, was just fine. Ugh... I wouldn't use this in CP at all.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Thank you so much for taking the time for your review and appreciate your feedback on how this product worked for you. I do apologize that you were told that you could use this product in CP as we suggest not using as a general rule for CP. We will be updating our information to make sure everyone is aware of how this product works and what it should be used for.