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I Love these wicks!

Really love these wicks. I’ve made candles in the past and these are great. The stay lit and melt all the way across the 4 oz jar. The crackle is interesting and draws attention.

Makes for a very long lasting candle

This candle wick seems to burn a bit low and slow. I think it gives a luxury look to the candle and the longer burn time is great, but the smaller flame that provides for a longer burn time also means the scent throw is lower than usual and the pool is narrower than expected. I put this in a 4oz Ball jar (inner diameter 2 3/8”) and the wax around the edges doesn’t quite all melt (about 1/16” to 1/8” left unmelted). I used Heavenly Honeysuckle (which is truly heavenly) at a medium rate per the Fragrance calculator and the throw is almost non-existent. I will do the “strong” level next time, or possibly more. Also, please note, you really do need to trim the wick to no more than 1/16”-1/8” above the level of the wax - any more than that and you’ll experience what others here have, that it goes out quickly. If you trim it short it will be able to reach the wax and will have no issues. Overall I love the wick and recommend it, just know to size appropriately for your container, add more scent than you normally would, and trim the wick properly (and advertise the amazingly long burn time!). Edited to add: when I got to the bottom of the candle, the wick did seem to "walk around" and move out of center. I will still use a dab of hot glue to keep these in place in future candles.


Do wooden wicks need to be primed?

Verified Purchase

This is my first try with wooden wicks... they burned perfectly all the way throug, I used para coconut wax blend in a 2.75 diameter container. Beautiful crackle sound clean burn great product.

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Perfect wicks that don’t work

Hi all, I was so excited to see these wicks since they’re my favorite! Unfortunately they won’t stay lit & burn way too quickly. Is there a trick to these or is there a better option available? I would love to have these wood wick candles ready for the holidays!

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
Customer service has contacted you directly to troubleshoot.