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I love this FO! It smells so divine. A sexy cologne scent indeed. I absolutely plan to buy this FO again!

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Customers love it

My husband and I think it smells like Axe, but my customers (men and women) went crazy for it. The first batch I made with it went perfectly. The second time it accelerated and I had some difficulty with it. But overall it behaves better than some other FO's (In looking at you, Fierce Type.)

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Disappointed in this one!

So…. disappointed in this fragrance oil. The ricing was terrible and it really accelerated AND I used a slow moving recipe. I read the “Performance in Cold Process Soap: Little to no acceleration; discolors yellow”. And the reviews said that it smelled wonderful. I thought it would be a great one. I thought it smelled to much like after shave lotion. Go’n have to trash this 5 pounds!

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Not sure about this one...

This fragrance smells great, but a couple of weeks after curing the soap, I noticed a yellowish haze on the top part of the bars..I can't tell what it is. I don't use colorants or any chemicals.. only straight oils and water, nothing else. I looks like soda ash, but it's yellowish... Can anybody tell me if they've noticed this?

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mac! I'm so glad you think our Yacht Club Fragrance Oil smells great; we do too! This fragrance does discolor yellow, as noted on the product page. That yellow haze is perfectly normal. Learn more about fragrance discoloration in this post. For a list of our non-discoloring fragrance oils check out our Clear & Vanilla Free category.

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My favorite man scent!

I love this scent! This is a man favorite in my house. I'm also a high school teacher and keep several of my handmade lotions on my desk. Yacht Club is a teenage boy magnet!!!