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Perfect results with CP

I shop for micas everywhere and this yellow has outperformed most that I've tried. I use approximately 3 tsps per pound of oils and have not seen any fading or bleeding with this one except with a test batch for a new brand of FO and I feel sure that the FO caused that effect. I say this because ALL the mica colors bled into each other in that batch. I don't know why others may have had a bad experience with it but just from personal experience, untried FO's and overheating cause all kinds of chaos at times. I would highly recommend this mica based on 4 unique soaps that have been produced with it. They are all well cured and still performing perfectly with no fading.


I made the M&P geometric soap using the mica rainbow sampler pack. All the colors were beautiful. Now, 3 weeks after, the yellow is bleeding into the white. The other colors seem stable - the party pink looks like it may be bleeding slightly. Kind of disappointed because of the amount of work involved in making it. :(

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This is my very favorite yellow! I would recommend anybody to buy this! I use it in cp and m&P, easy to incorporate and is beautiful!

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Used in CP soap

This Mica was so promising when I soaped with it. The bright yellow had faded in 4 weeks! :( I won't be using this in CP, only in melt and pour. It is too bad because I loved how it was looking at first in the soap.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kimberly! I'm sorry to hear this mica faded in your soap! Sometimes this can happen if your soap is left out in direct sunlight. I would recommend storing your soap in a dark, cool place :). You may also want to increase how much mica you use in your cold process soap. In cold process soap, I recommend 2 tsp. per pound of soap to achieve good color. I will be emailing you personally to help you troubleshoot, so please look for my email :)

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Great in CP!

I used to use Fizzy Lemonade when I wanted a bright yellow, but saw this one used in a soap at conference (2012 in Kat's demo) and since then it has been my go to yellow. Fizzy Lemonade is still wonderful, but the Yellow Lip Safe Mica just ZINGS!