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A Winner!

I used this fragrance in my goat's milk hand cream, and people went nuts for it. Even guys seemed to like it.

Why did I wait?

I've had this sample sitting in my fragrance box for years. Literally years. Yesterday, I was trying out brine bar recipes and since the batch was so small, I grabbed this sample. It seemed pleasant enough. I was soaping cool and since it was a brine bar, didn't do anything fancy with color, I just soaped cool and poured it at thin trace. The other soaps I made were strong fragrances so I didn't really notice this until a few minutes ago. Heavenly! I smell the apricot, but the freesia cuts the sweetness with an almost herbal edge. I'm very happy with this one!

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Apricot Freesia... A hit!

I am a registered nurse and am always looking for a scent that isn't overpowering to my coworkers and patients. Recently I made a body butter with this scent and oh my goodness, it was so much of a hit that PATIENTS were excited for it! Now I have about 5 nurses and a few patients that have asked me to make this one in bulk for sale.. I never thought of myself as a businesswoman, but this scent may just help me sell, sell, sell! This scent is absolutely lovely and light, and mixes perfectly in BBs. One coworker said it smelled so good she thought I mashed peaches myself and added them in :) Excellent spring/summer scent!

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This is absolutely amazing in everything you put it in! Especially wonderful in bath bombs, but it makes a great roll on perfume, as well! I just want to bathe in a whole vat of this! Perfect for Spring and Summer.

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Love this scent, but...

This is a hit in my lotions, body butters and bombs, but it turns slight "chemically" in cold processed soap. My lye water and oils were room temperature and I left a fan blowing on it full blast all night. I hate it's not working for me because I would love to have a bath set with this fragrance.