Gifts for Soap Makers

gifts for soap makers

Shopping for the maker in your life has never been easier - we have everything you need right here! That includes supplies for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Find gift ideas below. And for the makers reading this, feel free to forward to your loved ones!

Soap making kits

These are a great option for beginners. They come with everything they need to get creative, including ingredients, tools, printed instructions, and sometimes printed labels. They can make melt and pour, cold process, and even whipped shaving soap.

Kits work for advanced crafters too! If they normally make melt and pour, get them a cold process kit to try. Or, pick up a melt and pour kit they can make with kids. It's a great way to try something new.

DIY citrus soap making kit

Cold process soap making projects

We have options for every budget and skill level! If your loved one prefers a certain color, you can find a project with a new way to use it. The same goes for fragrances and techniques! If they want to try a swirled or layered design, there are plenty to choose from.

Once you find the one you want, click "Add Project to Cart." They're able to be customized, so you can remove items you don't need. Then, just print the instructions and pop the box under the tree.

chocolate peppermint soap cupcakes DIY

Soap making supplies

If your loved one has the inspiration covered, pick up these supplies and tools!

Stocking stuffers

  • Mini Mixer - This tool is so handy. It mixes colors into oils/water so there are no streaks in the final bars.
  • Mini column molds - These add a unique look to soap. They can embed them into the bars or place them on top. Bonus, the molds are stocking-stuffer shaped!
  • Samplers - They can try new colors and fragrances and find their favorite! We also offer a cute EcoGlitter sampler.

fragrance oil sampler for handmade soap


  • Stick blender - Cold process soap makers can always use backups of these. They quickly emulsify oils and lye.
  • Scale - These give you accurate measurements every time.
  • Easy Pour Container - You can never have too many of these containers. They allow you to easily mix and pour soap.


  • Butters - We have staples like shea and cocoa, but we also offer unique options like kokum, lavender, aloe, and coffee butter. Get your loved ones a few pounds so they can add something special to their next recipe!
  • 36 Bar Unfinished Birchwood Mold - We make these molds locally here in Bellingham, WA. They're best for big batches. Make sure to handwash the mold and it will last a lifetime!
  • Multi-Bar Cutter - Get perfectly-cut bars of handmade soap every time. Once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it.

multi bar cutter for handmade soap