National Children's Craft Day

national children's craft day | Bramble Berry

It's National Craft Month, which is all about getting creative. It's a great time to try a new technique or a new craft altogether. Part of the celebrations include National Children's Craft Day, which is observed March 14th. 

Arts and crafts have so many benefits for kids. Projects like soap and bath bombs require them to use both of their hands. That helps improve their coordination and fine motor skills, according to this article from Red Tricycle

DIY projects also inspire kids to think critically. Our kits often come with several color options, so they get to choose which one they want. That helps them evaluate each one and gain confidence in their decisions. Red Tricycle also says that arts and crafts can help shy children express themselves in a new way. 

Above all, crafting allows kids to have fun and explore their creative side. It's a great activity to do with parents or friends. 

We have kits that make it easy to get started. They come with supplies and printed instructions. The kits ship free to the lower 48 states and they come in their own boxes, so they're perfect for gifting!

DIY Kits for Kids

DIY kits for kids from bramble berry

Mermaid Bubble Bath Kit
This kit comes with the supplies kids need to create 4 bottles of bubble bath. They can customize it with 2 colorants and Tropical Punch Fragrance Oil.

Dinosaur Soap Kit
With this one, kids can make 9 adorable bars of dinosaur soap. The kit comes in its own box with soap base, 3 colors, and a reusable mold.

Tropical Bath Bomb Kit
This kit ships free to the lower 48 states, so it’s a great time to try it. Kids can make 8 bath bombs with warm colors and a fruity scent.

Don't forget about the Cute Animals Soap Kit - it comes with supplies to make 12 adorable bars. That includes soap base, 2 fragrances, 3 colors, and biodegradable EcoGlitter. Try it today!


DIY Projects for Kids

We have crafts for every age and skill level! Find a few of our favorites below.

Banana Taffy Soap
We searched for years to find a banana scent that both kids and adults can enjoy. Banana Taffy Fragrance Oil has notes of caramelized sugar, custard, and mango. It inspired this yellow and white layered soap. Kids can help you add color and gltiter, stir the soap, and pour it into the mold.

Car Soap
This project is designed to be customized! Kids can choose between 3 colors - Kelly Green, Perfect Red, and Caribbean Blue. They can make each vehicle a different color, or mix them for a unique shade. The bars are scented with Orange Soda Fragrance Oil, which smells just like the real thing.

DIY car soap for kids | Bramble Berry

Peppermint Candy Bath Bombs
This project is a great way for kids to work on their art skills. Once the bath bombs are unmolded, they're painted with a mixture of mica and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Choose any design you like - we went with a classic peppermint candy look. Then they're ready to enjoy or gift!

Moonstone Body Wash
If you're looking for an easy recipe, we've got you covered. All kids have to do is mix Stephenson Suspending Body Wash and Night Violet Fragrance Oil, then pour into bottles. The recipe is also made with White Bursting Beads. They add a pop of color and once they're applied, they release moisturizing oil onto the skin. 

Bath Salt Crystals
This is another easy project that kids will love creating and using. It's made with extra coarse sea salt, Snowflake Sparkle Mica, Fine Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter, and the color of their choice. The salts are scented with Amethyst Fragrance Oil, which has notes of pear, sparkling lemon, and amber. 

DIY bath salts for kids | Bramble Berry