Introducing the Seascape Collection

seascape collection | bramble berry

We have items that are sure to inspire your summer projects. The Seascape Collection features crisp scents, natural exfoliants, and beautiful shades of blue. Shop all the products here.

Sea Salt Fragrance Oil
The notes of seaweed and cucumber in this unique scent will remind you of a morning walk on the beach.

Coastal Rain Fragrance Oil
The mix of ocean mist, Argentina lemon, and white tea in this scent is hard to beat.

Midnight Waters Fragrance Oil
If you love deep and complex scents, pick this one up. It has notes of orange, lilies, and deep sea water.

seascape fragrance oils | bramble berry

Pumice Sand
This powerful exfoliant will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Try it in DIY soap and scrubs.

Icelandic Black Sand
This product comes from the South Coast of Iceland. It has a beautiful natural color and mild exfoliation.

Jagua Blue Extract
This colorant creates a stunning midnight blue shade in DIY bath products.

seascape powders | bramble berry

Seaweed Extract
This ultra-hydrating extract is ideal for all skin types. Try it in your soap, lotion, or facial skincare.

White Foam Pump Bottle and Clear Foam Pump Bottle Bottle
This must-have product gives liquid soap a light and foamy texture.

foam pump bottles | bramble berry

We can’t wait to see all the fresh designs you create with this collection. Share using the tag #BrambleOn.