Farmhouse Bath Accessories

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If you want to switch up your skincare routine, we've got you covered. Check out our new line of bath accessories, including natural bath mitts, soap dishes, wooden scoops, and more. They're a part of our Farmhouse Collection, which is inspired by relaxing nights at your homestead.

You can also pair the accessories with your handmade products for an adorable gift set. Customers and friends will love soap packaged with a wooden dish, or bath salts with a cute scoop included. Learn more about each one below!

Natural Bath Mitt
This multi-purpose product exfoliates and cleanses. You can use it dry - just run it lightly over your skin and then hop in the shower. Or, wet the mitt, apply your favorite cleanser, and scrub. Either way provides nice exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth.

The bath mitt is made with sisal fibers, which come from agave plants. The material is a bit too harsh for the face, so we recommend it for the body only.

natural bath mitt exfoliating pad

Natural Exfoliating Pad
This pad is perfect for sensitive facial skin. It's made out of ramie, which is a durable vegetable fiber native to eastern Asia. It's been used for thousands of years to make fabric.

It's easy to use - just wet, apply your favorite cleanser, and gently scrub in circular motions. We recommend following it with handmade moisturizer for smooth skin.

Crinkle Soap Dish
We always recommend soap dishes for handmade bars. They allow excess water to drain, which keeps the soap firm and helps it last longer. It also prevents residue in your shower.

They're both made of poplar, which is durable and holds up to water.

Wooden Scoop
You can use these scoops any way you like! They give you the perfect amount of bath salts each time. If you're selling products, you can include the scoop as an adorable add-on.

We also love to use them as photo props!

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