The Difference Between Creator Boxes, Kits, and Projects

If you’re new to making DIY soap, candles, and bath products, we have a lot of great packages and collections available to help get you started on this wonderful journey. You might see our Creator Boxes, our Kits, and our Projects and wonder, which one is the right one for you? Well, it depends on what you want to do. There’s so much you can do in this hobby, so we have options for every skill level and every goal. We’ll go through a few of these options and talk about what they come with and who they’re best for.


Our DIY craft kits

Our Kits are wonderful for beginners interested in learning a specific craft. The kits come with the ingredients you need (and even some of the tools) to complete a specific project. They each come with their own set of step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, too. This way, you can remove the pressure of decision making, because we’ve already created and tested the recipe for you! All you do is take out the ingredients, weigh and measure out what you need, and follow the instructions.

This means that the ingredients in our kits, including things like scent and color, can’t be substituted for other ingredients. This helps you learn the basics of the craft without the stress of choosing each little ingredient. These recipes are designed to be both easy to make and rewarding to finish. The goal is that after completing a kit (or two, or three!), you’ll have a good enough understanding of the basics that you can move on to more advanced projects, or even to formulating your own recipes!

DIY kits are also great for people who want a more casual crafting experience. Maybe they just want to make a set of pretty candles as a gift for someone. Maybe they’re just trying out a new hobby to see if they like it. The kits are great for that because they come with what you need, and don’t saddle you with extra ingredients or a ton of equipment that you’re not going to use up. In fact, the kits are so complete that they come all packed into one box. That means no crate of unused supplies to stash in the garage if the craft just isn’t for you.

Lotion Bar DIY Kit


Our Projects

The Projects section on our website has a lot more in it! This is because these projects are basically recipes that we’ve personally made and tested. We don’t offer them as kits, but we do provide a list of supplies and ingredients on each project page that allows you to quickly and easily add some or all of them to your shopping cart.

This is great, because it means that you can replace some ingredients with others, if you want. For example, if you want to swap out a suggested fragrance for a different one, just don’t add that original fragrance to your cart, and then check out our fragrance oils and essential oils to find one you like better. If you want all of the ingredients for a project, you can add all of them to your cart in one easy click.

In this way, our projects are a little less structured. They’re kinda like a recipe with online shopping support. This means that when you’re planning to make one of our projects, you can customize it to your own wants and needs. You can even leave some things off, if you happen to already have some of our Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil at home, or if you used one of our kits and have a silicone soap mold at home and don’t need a new one.

The projects are still formulated by the experts (us!) and tested, but you have the freedom to make changes to our original formulation and make your own thing. Also, projects still have instructions, but they’re not printed and included in the box. Instead they’re available on the website for you to refer to when you’re making the project. Some of our projects even have videos that show the project step by step.

Turmeric Clay Face Mask Project


Our Beginner Creator Boxes

This is our newest offering for beginning soap makers! The Beginner Creator Boxes are a kind of happy medium. They include all of the basic ingredients that you need to complete a project, plus some molds and a few additional ingredients (like botanicals and fragrance). They’re designed to be used to make your own creations. This means that instead of executing a single recipe, we give you the technique and a box of ingredients, and you let your creativity loose!

Our Beginner Creator Boxes do come with instruction booklets, but these contain just some information about the included ingredients, a basic recipe for you to customize, and then some tips, tricks, and some inspiration. It’s enough instruction to help your project become a success without pinning you down to just one recipe. It’s perfect for people who are still beginners, but think they’re ready to move to the next level.

Our Beginner Creator Boxes come with enough materials to make a few different projects; the Bath Bomb Beginner Creator Box, for example, comes with enough basic ingredients to fill 2 dozen 4 ounce bath bomb molds, so you can make a few different kinds! This is so that you can play around with the process and technique, and learn the craft through experience and exploration.

Bath Bomb Beginner Creator Box

Whether you choose a kit, a project, or a Beginner Creator Box really depends on your level of experience, your level of interest, and your own learning style or preference. We think that all of these products are great, even if they’re great for different people. Why not check them out and decide which one you like better?


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