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Verified purchase yet I don't have it

As I said in my previous review, bought and paid for but I can't access it because of hidden fees, by Monday I will have lost $220 Canadian because S&H apparently doesn't exist anymore, just shipping. So disappointed and discouraged, when you are starting out every penny counts.

Bees Soap Kit

Everyone that's used this soap just loves it and always comes back for more. It lathers up so good and has so many bubbles. Just love It.

Cute, Fun, and Easy Kit

I thought this kit was adorable and couldn't wait to be able to "play" with it. It was simple and the scents were phenomenal! My only disappointment was that I found a dark brown rim on the bottom of each soap, almost line a burn mark the morning after making them. What would cause this, and is there a way to make it go away?

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Bees Soap Kit

This was my first venture into soap making and this kit was everything I'd hoped for except that there were no instructions included. But I was able to find instructions on the website. It seems like I'm going to be giving most of my first attempt away to friends and family. :) Your website is wonderful. I've been on it multiple times and each time I find something new and interesting.

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Bee Soap Kit --- a success!

I really enjoyed my first experience in soap making. Your instructions are easy to follow and really appreciate the link to the Soap Queen. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who would like to try an easy first experience with soap making. I used 1 pound as mentioned on the Soap Queen, easily filled the four "bee hives" with a little left over. I lightly sprayed a plastic cup with Pam and poured the remainder in. My husband was the first to try with the "cup soap". It even passed the husband test!