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I haven't used this in soap yet but I love it in lotion and hair products.

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The Pictures Tell All

Just to note, I really should have paid attention to see how this FO would behave in cold-process soap because my beautiful colored bar turned completely brown. That was my fault for not paying attention. But, aside from the horrid discoloration, I feel like this smells awful in CP soap. My soap has been curing only about a week now, and it smells like vanilla with undertones of bleach. I'm really sorry I went and bought a whole 16oz of this FO; I wouldn't purchase again for soap.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kristen! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. We love the rich, sugary smell of our Butter Cream And Snickerdoodle Fragrance Oil, though it does discolor to a dark brown in cold process soap due to its vanilla content. To find out more about this check out our Why Did my Soap Turn Brown? blog post. We do choose all of our fragrance oils based on what they smell like after a full 6-week cure time. Often scents will develop in that time, so you may end up liking it in the end! If you're looking for other bakery type scents (though most will discolor). you may like Almond Biscotti Fragrance Oil, Cinnamon Sticks Fragrance Oil or Butter Mints Fragrance Oil which is non-discoloring!

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I just ordered my first batch of Bramble fragrance oils and this is my favorite. It is stronger than the Vanilla Select, anytime I'm working with my fragrances I smell this and it makes me smile. It is the perfect bakery scent.

Great scent!

I finally bought this one, it was on my wish list for awhile. I bought it for my daughter because she loves cake/cookie scents :) My CP soap is almost cured and smells wonderful. Still can't figure out what to name it though. I am thinking of making a lotion with it also.

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A Crowed Pleaser!

I thought this scent, as a soap or lotion, was going to be too sweet for most of my customers, but it's been really popular! I personally really like it! I don't think it sets up fast at all compared to other scents I've used, and the final product comes out great.