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Prettiest Pink I've found!

I absolutely love this pink in my CP soap! I have tried all the other neon pinks out there that I can find, and this one still makes me the happiest of all!

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Fades in UV light

The color is fabulous, the most vibrant pink I've found. But so disappointed to find it fades in UV light (from sitting on my work table which is near a window.) The undersides of the bars stayed bright. Hard to sell at fairs when you know they are fading as you sit there selling!

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great color

I loved this color but i did notice that my soap got to a thick trace faster with this color more so than the other colors I used in my swirl in pot soap. Also I read the reviews about the activated charcoal spilling out or jar, I had no problem with that but I did have electric bubble gum all over my order. With all that being said, I still want to try this pretty color again.

Brilliant color but stains laundry

I love this product's color very much, but I'm only rating it 2 stars because it stained my white wash cloths pink, and even a full cycle in hot water WITH bleach and Tide stain remover didn't remove the pink from them. :( The soap itself is super and I love the way it makes my skin feel (CP recipe) but it has been downgraded to hand-soap only because it stains everything. I have several other colorants from BB and have had no issues with any others until I used this colorant.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Alisha! We love the bright pink boldness our Electric Bubble Gum Colorant exudes. It is a super strong colorant and you don't need a lot to color your soap. If your soap lathers pink, then too much color was used. To achieve the color in the cold process sample above we used 1 tsp colorant per pound of soap.

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Very Bright Pink

If you're looking for a bright vibrant pink this is it! I've used this in several batches of CP and I love how they each turned out. Sometimes it can be a bit too bright to go with my other colors so I added titanium dioxide and it toned it down while still keeping a great pink color.