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CP Soap on a stick!

Love this smell and had no trouble before. I knew it would speed trace, but have been able to make a solid pink bar in the past. It's a customer favorite and mine too. Unfortunately this time around, same recipe and soaped at room temp, with very different results. I never knew what soap on a stick was, unfortunately I do now. Make sure you are aware before purchasing. Batch was a total was a recipe with my most valuable oils too! Test first on a small batch before using to make sure this doesn't happen to you :(

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Accelerated very fast in CP

Great smell. But I wasn't fast enough for this FO. Not a huge fan of this effect. Have ordered White Rose FO. Will see how it will work in CP.

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Great price, not my favorite rose scent

I was looking for something more like fresh roses, and this one smells like a synthetic perfume. This was my mistake. Not a bad smell per se, but not my favorite.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Bethany! This rose is definitely is a more heady heavy scent. If you're looking for a lighter rose you may prefer Baby Rose Fragrance Oil, White Rose Fragrance Oil, or Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil.

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Perfect rose

This rose is perfect, and the only rose I'll ever need for my products! It smells amazing, and I'll keep buying it for sure!

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Radiant and energizing

customers and I love the English Rose! A little goes a long way which is great. I have used it in CP, M and P, body sprays, body wash love it in everything