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I'm amazed at brambleberry's great quality and scents of their essential oils. I'm just addicted to brambleberry because everything I order is such great quality and price. These oils smell really rich and just overall great. I'm loving the orange 10x and cederwood the best but they're all awesome. GREAT SAMPLER FOR GETTING STARTED OR EVEN FOR PROS:)!! Thank you brambleberry for existing and for all the hard work you all do to help us create our passions♡

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omg just love

this is my second time getting this sampler set, and i cant even begin to tell you how much i love this set, and the price is so awesome.

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Fantastic set of essentials!

This collection is terrific, I'm just blown away at the quality and depth of the scents! I couldn't be happier! I like them all, but the Grapefruit is probably my favorite, wow!!! And I'm not sure yet what Litsea is, but it smells really really good! :) Thank you for an amazing collection!

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Pleasantly surprised

when I ordered this last time (years ago) it didn't have grapefruit, I think it had peppermint first distill. I'd used a grapefruit fragrance oil before (from a different seller) and really didn't care for the smell but this grapefruit essential oil is lovely, and I think it would be great blended with a light floral. So I was pleasantly surprised by the grapefruit, I always knew I loved the other essential oils in this sampler.

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This is Very hard for me to do

I would love to give a full 5 stars as this is a great set especially for beginners. But because they dont have those stoppers that ess oils usually have, i dropped two of my oils and lost a good amount of one and about all of my other. I know its not really BB fault but had they had the stoppers/dropper caps i would not have lost any oil but maybe a couple drops. I am very sad as these were the 2 oils i was going to use the most. Teatree and peppermint2nd dist. I still really recommend this box, its perfect for beginners and its a fantastic price. I just wanted to let people know to be careful with them. I am going to purchase this againto have the oils i need. I know i can buy separate but this box is such a good price, i mindf as well buy it. Can mever really have too many ess